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ScatterUs Tracking Systems

A Church Planting Movement Tracking System is:

  • An online information system on church planters, new congregations, and those who resource them.
  • Always available to all the key players
  • Which anyone can update.

Why was the Church Planting Movement Tracking System Developed?

  • To assist mentors, partnering churches, local, state & national church extension staff to work as a team to resource church planters.
  • Difficulties in tracking church plants not receiving any financial assistance or submitting reports.
  • Difficulties in determining training needs.

Beneficial Features of our Tracking Systems:

  • Detailed, current information on church planters & their congregations
  • Online reporting system with multilingual pop-ups to help non-English-speaking church planters
  • Prayer system
  • Multilingual resource system that automatically customizes itself to each church planter
  • Progress & summary reports giving a bird’s eye view of the entire church planting effort
  • Communication system for both e-mail-outs and regular mail-outs
  • Online training registration and record
  • Online bulletin board for listing needs and donations
  • Directories of church planters, sponsoring churches, & those who resource them
  • Monthly church planting highlights
  • Extensive sorting and filtering capabilities
  • A system that works equally well for all levels of denominational church planting
  • Different access levels for security
  • Complements existing websites & systems
  • Allows a denomination to enlarge their base of church planting without it becoming an administrative nightmare.
  • Online tutorials

Our Tracking Systems are an incredible value, and can be customized to your specific setting!

Please contact us for a quote on your setup fee and monthly subscription fee.


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