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ScatterUs History

ScatterUs Ministries was formerly known as AAC Consulting, reflecting its roots among second generation Asian-Americans. AAC Consulting was originally founded by Robert Goette, missionary to second generation Koreans in North America, as a ministry of the church plant called Christ Harvest Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in 2000. AAC Consulting has served for years as the primary provider of online database tracking software for church planting movements for the state conventions of the Southern Baptist Convention. In 2011, AAC Consulting reorganized around the theological roots of church planting movements presented in the book of Acts. The new name, ScatterUs Ministries is rooted in texts of the Scripture such as:

Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.  (NIV Acts 8:4)

In 2015, our founder Robert Goette was promoted to glory after a long period of suffering with ALS. Jon Pennington had at this point already started leading the organization as the new Executive Director. Though now under a different name with new leadership, and with a more clear theological mandate, ScatterUs Ministries is still committed both to provide user-friendly, online databases that help church planting movements in developing relationships with their partners, and to offering church planting consulting based on the years of combined field experience of our consultants.

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