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Academic Writing Coaching

Writing an academic paper is a challenging pursuit. This is especially the case when you are actively involved in ministry. How do you balance the demands of family and church while simultaneously defining the scope of your research, distilling a useful thesis, gathering appropriate information, using proper grammar, utilizing critical thinking, citing things appropriately, and producing a polished final product? How do you complete your project in a way that will minimize later revisions? In other words,

How do you effectively move from the challenging mess of only having a foggy idea….

… to a completed project that is ready to submit for joyful approval.

This task certainly is challenging, but it is not impossible. You most certainly can accomplish this, no matter what your academic background. I would love the opportunity to help you out. Together we can consider your proposed topic, we can deliberate towards a thesis, we can evaluate your use of critical thinking, we can strategize appropriate sources, and I can even help you learn to how to revise and edit you work, including Chicago Style (Turabian) citation formatting. I have written many academic papers during my career, but I have also benefited from teaching our homeschooled kids grammar and writing. I would be honored to have the opportunity to help you to do your best work. Please contact me and we can set up an initial consultation and pay schedule. Email Dr. Pennington

Dr. Jon R. Pennington

Coaching Fees Per Hour – $75.00 USD

Rev. Dr. Jon R. Pennington is a gifted teacher with a Doctorate of Ministry from Gateway Seminary in Ontario, CA, a MDIVBL from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft.Worth, TX, and a BA in history from Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. Pastor Jon has over two decades of ministry experience including starting and serving as Coordinating Pastor of Chicagoland Community Church. He also serves as the Executive Director of ScatterUs Ministries (facilitating church multiplication through consulting technology), and is a Research Assistant for Gateway Seminary.

I know that the price can seem rather steep, especially if you are a student and/or in ministry. I am willing, however, to negotiate a discount if necessary. One option for you to consider would be inviting a couple of friends to share the cost with you. I’d be happy to meet with your group over Zoom, and ensure the time is useful for each of you.

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