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Spring Newsletter

March 4, 2021

Greetings Everyone!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support during this incredibly difficult season for everyone. We deeply appreciate that God continues to allow us to support his mission of church starting, church revitalization, global impact, and spiritual formation even during these challenging times. We are grateful that we can provide both consulting and technological tools as support to the advancing of Jesus’ Kingdom. 

Keith Draper continues, as our Missionary Consultant, to lead our Five Acts of Kindness initiative. Besides his work with immigrant populations through World Relief, Keith also encourages church planters like Amos Shakya in his work among Nepalis in suburban Chicago. I have begun to build a friendship with Amos as well, and I am also beginning to develop other seminars and retreats that we can offer in consulting beyond the Five Acts. 

This year our Administrative Consultant, Anne Hugo, retired after many years of service. We are so thankful for all of her faithful work, and that her husband Dale is now on our Board of Directors. My wife, Alana, has stepped up as our part-time office manager, and is doing a terrific job mastering a challenging learning curve. Please remember to pray for our team.

Our technology department has faced many challenges over the past few years, and those hits have been more severe with how the COVID situation has impacted our customers. There are some hopeful signs, however, in new projects that are in different stages of production. Please pray for each project to be successfully completed.  

First, we a currently wrapping up the development of a mobile-friendly website for Michael Jebb and his Strategic Prayer Initiative that will effectively track and manage their “Yellow Sheets” prayer groups. As the bugs get worked out of this system, we eventually hope to create additional systems to help them manage their other prayer strategies. 

Second, Dr. Leo Endel, the Executive Director of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention, has commissioned us to create a Church Revitalization mobile-friendly website to track response and engagement of both people and churches with his book Where do We Go From Here? It will be such a blessing to be able to encourage local churches in this way.  We are also excited by the prospect of this opportunity expanding far beyond the northland, and being offered to other conventions and associations around the country. 

Third, this year Chicagoland Community Church, the church I pastor in center-city Chicago, will be launching a 201 Spiritual Liberation Track as a follow up to their 101 Spiritual Formation Track. This next step will help people learn how to coach others through taking self-inventories of their spiritual journey, and processing through deliverance and healing. We will be creating a mobile-friendly website for this function as well (FOULS) to run in parallel with the other mobile-friendly website we made for spiritual formation (C3Armory).  

We are so thankful to have partners like you who are willing for God to use them to pursue his mission. In these difficult times, I do have a few of things to ask. Please prayerfully consider (1) Increasing your financial support of ScatterUs this year, (2) Adding additional aspects of our ministry to your support, or (3) Recommending us to others who could benefit from our consulting or technological services. May Jesus bless you in this new year!


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